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Orchard Credit Card is issued by the HSBC Bank. HSBC Bank is one of the largest global financial institutions. They provide financial services to millions of customers all over the world. HSBC worked very hard in the past couple of years to expand their financial products, services and

customer relationships. HSBC also provides the Orchard Bank Credit Card that is designed to help people with bad credit or those individuals with no credit history manage their everyday financial life.

Orchard Bank Online provides you with a 24/7 account access to their financial services. With an online enrollment they will also provide you with email and text message reminders of your upcoming bill payment due dates as well. OrchardBank.com gives you an opportunity to repair bad credit and build credit with automatic monthly reporting to the major credit bureaus. You can use their online services as many times as you like without any cost. As their bank customer you'll enjoy their Zero Liability Fraud Protection, interest rates from 14.90% to 19.90% APR for unsecured credit cards and 7.90% APR for the secured cards. The annual fees vary from $19 to $59 per year depending on the card type. The annual fee for their secured credit cards are waved for the first year and are $35 from then on.

Orchard Bank Online Services

In order to use Orchard Bank Online Account Management Services, you first have to register yourself at their official website www.orchardbank.com. In order to complete the registration process, you first need to enter the last four digits of your social security number and provide your Orchard Bank account number. After that, you'll be asked to enter your identification i.e. signature panel and credit card expiration date. Then you'll need to create your login ID which must be made of 6-16 characters and create a password which must be between 5 to10 characters in length. The next step is to select two security questions and give your own answers to them. After that, you can select your statement delivery preferences from "Email my Statements" (electronic delivery) or "Mail my Statements" (postal delivery). Choose the option you want and click on their respective keys. Lastly, you need to press the "continue" button and follow the rest of the instructions to complete the registration.

Orchard Bank Online Bill Payment

To make an online bill payment you need to login to your account by typing in your login ID and password then click on the "login" button. If you forgot your login ID or password, you then need to choose the appropriate password recovery option provided to you. If you wish to check your credit card application status you can do that by entering your social security number followed by your zip code and then pressing the "submit" button.

You can also pay your bill by phone or by mail. HSBC gives you the option to pay your bills from up to 3 different bank accounts. Your financial transactions can be viewed or tracked by phone or online. Your online payment history can also be viewed online at any time (24/7) including details such as who, how much and when you paid on every transaction. You can also cancel or update the payment details of future scheduled online payments and also have the option to receive confirmation via email about your upcoming and executed transactions.

Orchard Bank Online Features:

Flexibility to check your transactions and statements online, Go Paperless, Anytime (24/7) account access, Special Financial Offers about auto, home and family products and services, Online Bill Pay Service monthly or setup recurring payments with up to three bank accounts without checks and stamps, Orchard Bank Online Payment: Online bill payment service provides the convenience of setting up single, recurring, or same day payments (you have to register to access your account and to set up online bill payment), Enrolling in online Bill pay is quick and easy.

Orchard Bank Online Account Management - These features will help you take full control of your Account: Rush Pay (additional service fee applies) expedites your payment and credits your account on the same business day, Recurring payment option allows you to schedule your future payments up to 1 year in advance, Online balance transfers will save you money and time, You can consolidate your credit card payments or take advantage of a special promotional interest rate, Exclusive date-validating calendar will help you in scheduling your standard and recurring payments while avoiding scheduling your payments on weekends and holidays.

Orchard Bank Online Payment Options - You can view and track your online payment history by phone or online (24/7) including the details on who, when and how much you paid on every transaction. You can cancel or update your future payments scheduled online. Choose to receive confirmation emails about your completed payments. Pay your bills online, by mail or by phone. Make your online payments from up to 3 different bank accounts. View the Online Bill Pay Service demo from their official website to better understand how the whole system works. If you have any additional question regarding Orchard Bank Online Services you can visit their official website www.orchardbank.com, you can call 1-800-771-7293 or you can write with your questions to: HSBC Card Services P.O. Box 81622 Salinas, CA 93912-1622.

orchard bank online

Orchard Bank | Orchard Bank Online | Orchard Bank Credit Card | Orchard Bank Online Banking | Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card
Orchard Bank Bill Pay | OrchardBank.com | Orchard Bank Login | OrchardBank | Orchard Credit Card | www.orchardbank.com

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